Andy has been home-obsessed since he was a child. 


Growing up, Andy watched more HGTV than cartoons. He helped his parents decorate their home as young as age 14, and was the one to help them find their new home when he was 19. It was only a matter of time until he turned these passions into a career. 

Attending college at the University of Oregon, he dedicated his studies in the political science department on issues of race, gender, and sexuality. He knew he wanted to help people, but had no clue at the time that his love for people and his eye for design could culminate into a job of helping people find their home, a place where they could build the foundation for every other aspect of their life. 

Using his background in social justice, Andy brings empathy and compassion into what can be a very personal and stressful journey to creating a home. To him, this business is not about the dollar signs, but about the personal growth and community development of loving where one lives.